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FPMotorsport.jpgI’ll start from the beginning(usually a good place to start!). We’d been looking to buy an MX-5 for a while, as something cheap to get into drifting. After weeks of trawling ebay, we managed to pick a MK1 1.6 Eunos up for a bargain price of £220! (It was the sellers fault for having an auction ending in the middle of the day!!)

Considering we hadn’t looked at it before buying it, it was in excellent condition – NO RUST, a watertight roof and a good engine.

Of course once we got it back to the workshop we had to test if it had an LSD, by the proven doughnut test! And we can confirm that yes it does!

So here it is when we got it back to FiNe HQ!


As you can see from the photos, it has already been rubbed down ready for painting, which saves us a job! Also it came with some super JDM Watanabe Wheels!

Next thing that we wanted to do was to make it look a little bit different!

So we managed to source a genuine Garage Vary front bumper


 The bumper was slightly cracked and has been repaired previously, also it was a terrible fit! Shouldn’t be too much of an issue to make that fit though!

We also flush filled the rear number plate recess.


Next thing on the to-do list was another set of wheels, as cool as the JDM watnabes were, they just weren’t the style we were looking for – we wanted something a bit more modern looking.

We picked up a set of Yaris T-sport wheels at a good price and put them on! They instantly updated the look of the car I think!!

1535397_10152248144754258_846378188_n 1604630_10152248144854258_1367007425_n

After the wheels, we decided that the car now looked ridiculous at moon-buggy height, so we chucked some cheap coilovers on it for the time being. It sorted out the look of the car and much improved the handling!

1609850_10152248145074258_1730984104_n 1538807_10152248144944258_234652897_n

You’ll also notice that we’ve added the obligatory Big Gay Wing! We plan to extend the raisers on the wing, so that it comes level with the top of the roof, and also to angle it so it sits further towards the back of the car.

We then gave the car a good service, and changed the rocker cover gasket as it had a slight leak. Whilst the rocker cover was off we decided to give it a lick of paint….and also a sticker….everyone knows stickers make your car go faster!

engine cover

That’s as far as we’ve got at the moment, but plans in the near future are :- new brakes all round, design + build a rollcage, fit sideskirts and paint the rest of the car.. The rocker cover photo is a clue to our colour scheme!

After we’d serviced it we decided that its to solid a car to be a full time drifter, so we are now looking at competing in hillclimb and sprint events, and doing the odd track and drift day in it!

More updates soon!


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